Big Ten Fan Camp is your moving partner.

If you are planning to move to another neighborhood, city, or country, we can help you in many different ways. Our expertise is making sure that your moving experience is convenient, pleasant, and memorable.

Big Ten Fan Camp was created after we observed and experienced the challenges of moving from one place to another. We’ve all gone through the difficulties of packing our things and furniture and then making sure that they are properly and safely transported to their new home. It was such a stressful experience for most of us, so we made a pact to find ways to help others who might be planning to move and relocate. So Big Ten Fan Camp was born.

This blog serves as a library for anyone who wants or needs to find information about moving. It is intended particularly to help people find tips, suggestions, and How-tos on moving-related issues and situations. Big Ten Fan Camp also features guest writers who share stories about their moving experiences. We believe that getting it “straight from the horse’s mouth” is the best way to learn.

Our writers and editors are all highly experienced in the field of moving and relocation. Most of them, like the rest of the team, have gone through various situations that required a little more patience and understanding. Therefore, they’re all going to be speaking (writing!) from experience.

If you need a reliable partner and guide for all your moving adventures, Big Ten Fan Camp is here for you.