Moving Day Packing: 3 Valuable Tips to Remember

Getting ready to move but haven’t started packing yet? Packing up all your things is not easy. It’s not something that can be done in an hour or two. Sometimes, it can take days. But fret not because there are different ways to make your task easier. Check out these three packing tips before you start putting your stuff inside the moving boxes.

1. Segregate your stuff.

The first thing you need to do is segregate your things. You can group them by room or by function; it depends on which method is easiest and most convenient for you. Once your things are segregated, go through them and determine if there are items you want to give away or sell. De-cluttering your stuff is one of the secrets of good packing. Bring with you only things that you can still use, or those with sentimental value.

2. Label the boxes and start packing.

To make sure it will be easy to track your boxes, label them individually. Assign a number to each box and on the label, indicate which room the box belongs. Of course, each box should also be labeled with your name and new address. Make sure you use a thick ink, solid-color marker. Also, write the labels in the top part and all sides of the box.

3. Follow some practical packing tips.

Here are some types we learned from Phoenix movers.  There are some items in your home that you don’t need to pack inside the moving boxes. There are practical packing tips you can follow if you want to do this. For example, you can use your suitcases to pack some items, especially the ones that are a little heavy. Since suitcases have wheels (most of them), it will be easy to transport them. You don’t have to pack your clothes inside these suitcases. Just buy large garbage bags and keep your clothes on hangers before putting them inside the bags. You won’t have a difficult time unpacking them later on.