Moving in Winter: 3 Important Tips to Keep In Mind

Moving to another place or neighborhood during the winter time is more challenging compared to relocating on a regular day. While many will prefer to move when the weather is a bit more cooperative, you might want to grab the opportunity to relocate during the off-peak season, like winter time. When you move during the off-peak season means lesser traffic and probably even lower rates. Of course, it won’t be easy moving everything by yourself when the show is thick and deep, so you need to hire a moving company. Even if the bulk of the work will be theirs, you also have to help out. So it helps if you remember these three important tips when moving during the winter season.

1. First things first; you need to prepare for moving day.

Your house will probably be engulfed in snow, so then you have to do some shoveling in the driveway. Do your best to remove all the snow and ice. If you think you cannot do this on your own, you can ask the moving company if they provide such services. The driveway or pathway is what you should thoroughly shovel so that the movers won’t have a difficult time driving in and out of your place. There should be enough space for parking and for the moving company’s vehicle to maneuver when there is a need to.  Also as we’ve learned from the Seattle movers we worked with previously if you are in a location that gets a lot of rain you have to deal with that also such is the case in Seattle, WA.

2. Before the movers start loading your boxes, cover your floor for protection.

As people will be going in and out of the house, be sure to protect your floor by covering it with cardboard, plastic tarps, floor mats, and padding. This will keep your floor safe from all the foot traffic, especially when the movers are carrying big and heavy boxes that often need to be transported using a moving dolly. The dolly’s wheels can damage the floor if you do not cover it. In the same manner, when the movers get to your new place, make sure that your floors are all covered, too.

3. Be aware of street and driving conditions.

Driving during the winter season can be a challenge and can be dangerous at times. This is the main reason why you need to ask the moving company you hire to make sure that the driver they assign to you is professionally trained and can handle difficult road conditions. Also, you have to get assurance (and proof) that the vehicle transporting your things is in top shape. It should be properly maintained. Ask the driver to check on the brakes, the engine, and other essentials for safe driving and travel.

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