How to Properly Label Moving Boxes: 3 Simple Tips

One of the most tiring tasks, when you are moving to a new place, is the labeling of your moving boxes. At first, you might think it’s quite simple and easy to do. But the minute you realize that it’s more than just writing your name and new address on the box, you’ll want to give up even before you have started. But like everything else in life, there are simple tips that you need to follow if you want your labeling task to be easier and more convenient. Here are some tips from Auburn Moving & Storage, a local moving company in Roseville, CA.

1. Prepare your labeling materials.

Aside from good and reliable markers (Sharpies!), you will also need labeling papers. These are papers that you can download from the Internet (search for downloadable, printable moving box labels). Some labels already have the box numbers and rooms indicated, so your task is a little easier already. Also, do not forget to prepare a strong packing tape. You can choose the plain one or go for different colors so you can color-code your boxes. Don’t forget to choose marker colors that are solid and easy to see even from a distance.

2. Number and color code your boxes.

If the labels you downloaded do not come with numbers, use your marker to number all the boxes. To make it easy for you to track how many boxes you have, number your boxes like this: Box #1 or 30, Box #2 of 30, and so on. The next step is for you to place the printed labels on the boxes. After doing so, mark the boxes by writing your name and new address on the printed labels. If you have different colors for your markers, color-code your boxes by using a designated color for each room. For example, use red markers for numbering the boxes that go to the master’s bedroom and use blue for those that will go to your child’s room. This will make it easier for you – and the movers – to identify the boxes once they are delivered to your new home.

3. Make a list.

After labeling all your boxes, it’s time for you to write everything down on a piece of paper, or a notepad, or a notebook. You can also use your smartphone for the list (using apps like Notes/Notepad). List the box numbers and their corresponding room assignments. Don’t forget to include a column for checking whether the box was delivered or not. Also, make a separate list of the color codes; indicate the colors assigned to each room, so you and the movers will be able to trace which box goes where easily.

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